We all desire
* a beautiful home,
 * a workroom which is spacious and full of air,
  * to spend our leisure time in a harmonious and human-friendly environment. 

       But how many of us think what is necessary for achieving all this?
         In fact, relatively little is needed:

an idea or a wish - a dream, if you like, which inspires people to develop ...

        ... and the performer. At best, the two mentioned components
        are combined in one person, but mostly not.
         In the latter case it is better to contact a specialist
          who can create a tangible form of the conception.

  Raamprojekt OÜ, a private limited company, has been founded 
    for the purpose of assisting you upon realising your ideas
      about a building in the stage of preparing building
       design documentation, in particular.

Raamprojekt OÜ was registered on 19 August 2003 in Põlva. The actual business operation commenced in September 2003.
The office of Raamprojekt OÜ is located at Aasa St. 5, Põlva 

The work of Raamprojekt OÜ is covered by an insurance contract entered into with AS If Eesti Kindlustus.

The three founders of the company are:  Kasper Asi, Aivar Oras and Tarvo Põkk.

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